Would You Help Me Celebrate Please?

Tomorrow is a very special day for our family. It is Abigail’s BIRTHDAY!!!! Birthdays really are special days; they give us the opportunity to reflect on the blessings that have come through and from a particular individual. This year has especially been a year that I can see God’s blessings in giving me Abigail as my wife. I have heard it said, that if you really want to know what’s in an individuals heart, watch them as they respond to trials and pressures. As you also know, our conduct in private can sometimes be the opposite of the appearance we give to the public. As some one who has watched and walked with Abi during trials and pressures, I want to tell you what is really there.

While Abi is human and has struggled with doubts and fears, these have not characterized her response to the trials and pressures of 2013. I have seen a heart that is full of concern and love toward her children and husband. I have seen a learners spirit that is willing to read, research, and put into action medical and therapy plans for our son. I have seen a weak, weary woman fight to be thankful for the blessings she received in the midst of great trials. I have seen an individual that has been very open about her need of a gracious God to give strength and support. To sum it up, I have seen love embodied in a human. Not perfect love, but real love. The kind that cries and laughs, the kind that is weary but still keeps going, the kind that is scared but still trusts. To this incredible woman that I am blessed to call my wife, I would like to say Happy Birthday.

Would you help me celebrate Abi’s birthday? If you have been blessed by Abi in any way or would just like to express something nice, would you take the time to do that today or tomorrow? I realize that many people read and never comment, and that’s ok. But, it would be a great gift of encouragement if you were to leave a comment.

Thanks, and God Bless

– Louis

21 thoughts on “Would You Help Me Celebrate Please?

  1. Sara Akins

    Happy Birthday! You and I have never met but we have many mutual friends. I was ask to pray for you after David’s birth and have followed you as you began a new journey in your life. I have truly been blessed by your honesty and openess as you faced the unknown. May God continue to shower you with many blessings in the coming year.

  2. Leah

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful mother! I pray that this year be full of fun surprises and sweet days with your family.

  3. Jason Newcomb


    Glad to know you and look forward to being around you more. I always love hearing my boys remember “The Sacrans” at night when we pray. :)

    From my family to you, Happy Birthday!

    (We also wish you a Merry Christmas, too!)

    Jason Newcomb

  4. Debbie

    Happy Birthday, Abigail! I hope you have a blessed day. I work in the Financial Aid Office at Northeast. I always enjoy reading the updates. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your entire family.

  5. Isaac

    Abi, I can give witness to Louis’ tribute. True strength is not found internally, but in acknowledging weakness and then looking to Him Whose grace is always sufficient. Thank you for living that truth this year.

  6. Lillian Banna

    Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece. What a blessing it to have you in everyone’s life. May God give you many more to come. God Bless you and your family. Love. Aunt Lillian

  7. rebecca

    It has been a blessing to watch you live your love of Christ through adversity, change, and trials. How wonderful to see your honesty throughout this journey. I thank God for giving us the opportunity to see such love and commitment that can only come through God’s grace and mercy. Happy birthday and may God bless you and your sweet family in the year to come. Much love, Rebecca

  8. Sonya Pate

    Happy birthday Abi! Have a great day. Thanks for sharing your life’s journey. The blogs are so inspiring.
    Love to all. Sonya

  9. Joey Williford

    Happy Birthday, Abigail!

    Thanks for sharing your journey, strength, encouragement, and wisdom. You and Louis have truly been a blessing. I’m very grateful for y’all.

    Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Love and God bless,

  10. Claire Wilkerson

    Anyone that puts up with Louis on a daily basis deserves to have a very blessed birthday! Haha. Happy Birthday Abi! I admire your strength and faith! Have a wonderful day!

  11. Kathryn Green

    Love you so much Abi. You are an encouragement and joy to be around. And thanks for letting me borrow your clothes at the cookout…fulfilling a life long dream! 😉

  12. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    Happy Birthday Abi!
    May I say that Big David and I are so blessed to have you as our daughter! God has given us daughter-in-laws who feel like daughters!!! That doesn’t just happen to everyone. As the parents of sons only….we really stood the chance to be left out …the old saying….”A son is a son ’til he takes a wife, A daughter is a daughter for the rest of your life” I’ve prepared myself for this forever….and for nothing!!! Your sweet, family oriented, and loving heart has included us all along the way and we love you for being just who God has made you to be. In weakness….we see strength, in self doubts…we see love!!! We hope this birthday will be special and we are happy that you have our Louis and that he appreciates you and that he is a good husband and dad! (whew! relief)!LOL We love you as our daughter and look forward to many, many memories to come! God has been wonderful to this family!!!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

  13. Sylvia Haddad

    Happy Birthday Abbi. Wishing you and your family Health and Happiness and may God Bless you all. I always enjoy reading updates and seeing pictures of your little ones on your blog. Hugs and kisses to you all. Love you

  14. Beth Halverson

    Happy birthday, Abi! You’ve been a great blessing to my heart over the last year, in particular. Reading about the Lord’s grace and provision for you in very specific ways has encouraged me and deepened my own thankfulness. I look forward to each opportunity to “visit” with you as I read each new post. May the Lord continue to bless you with His beautiful grace, provision, and joy.

  15. Jerry Boudreau

    Happy birthday, Abi. Reading this blog is refreshing to say the least. It always brightens my day. Enjoy many more years of the God given happiness you have been blessed with.

  16. Pat Allen

    Happy Birthday, Abi! What a joy & blessing you are to those who know & love you, even from a distance!
    May He continue to bless you & your precious family as He also uses you, your blog and witness to touch the lives of others , giving encouragement & hope. May your special day come wrapped in grace, filled with love & abounding in joy!

  17. Aunt Wanda

    Happy Birthday DEAREST, Abi! You have always been a blessing to our family, this year has been tough and it has been so inspriing (but not surprising) to watch you struggle through hard times and rejoice in blessings, always turning to God.

    It is so refreshing to see a strong Christian marriage and I am thankful that Lily and David are being raised by you and Louis. You know I consider Louis “my baby” and am so grateful that you and he have continued to stay close and share with your Uncle Lewis and Aunt Wanda.

    I know that Louis and Lily, with a big smile added from David, will insure that you have a well deserved special day.

    We love you very much,
    Aunt Wanda & Uncle Lewis

  18. Allie Ashmore

    Dear Abi, i just wanted to leave you a message to say that I have been so encouraged and blessed by your posts. I always look forward to seeing updates on how your little Sunshine is doing, as well as the rest of your family. I admire you for the strength and courage you have shown through the struggles you and your family have faced. May God continue to bless your family . I wish you a happy birthday, Merry Christmas, and blessed year in 2014.

  19. kathy strevel

    Belated birthday wishes, Abby! Your life is a sweet testimony to God’s grace. May you ever draw near to His heart.

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