Things Are Looking Up!

Today was a good day. David has finished 8 out of his last 9 bottles. This has been our best feeding day. Dr. Ferguson decided to add more calories per feeding and decrease his total number of liquid to 60cc per feeding. His weight continues to increase, so we are hopeful we will go home soon. The doctors put David on some medicine yesterday that will help him get rid of the extra fluid that his body holds due to the heart condition. Cardiology ordered an ECHO and chest x-ray, and we were thankful to hear that there have been no changes to his heart.

David is now able to wear normal baby clothes. He will be 4 weeks old on Saturday, so it’s been fun to finally have him dressed. 

IMG_0677  IMG_0674  IMG_0680

8 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Up!

  1. Morgan Poe

    He looks adorable! So excited that things are going well and pray you have the honor of taking him home very very soon! God bless you all!
    Morgan poe

  2. Beth Halverson

    Praising God for this wonderful report. We’re continuing to pray you can all go home soon. The pictures are so adorable!

  3. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    can not wait to hold him again! he is soooo sweet and cute! Today sounded like a great day. praying this continues and that you are able to take your little family home really soon.

  4. Pamela Warrington

    He’s absolutely perfect!! It is such a blessing to be able to follow your journey and to see how God is using you both through this. We are praying that you all get to go home SOON!!!

  5. Maria Montgomery

    How adorable love all his pictures. Glad he is eating better. Can’t believe he Gona be one month time flies and they grow fast. Praying for u all to go home soon . Love u all

  6. Melanie Strevel Hodges

    Beautiful Baby! Thankful for the good news. We have been praying for your family. Love and God Bless, Melanie

  7. allison hathcote (trullet)

    He is such a little cutie! Praying for yall to be able to bring him home soon!

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