Over the weekend Louis and I took David to Jackson, Tennessee to be evaluated by a Neurodevelopmental therapist. We have talked to doctors, nurses, occupational and physical therapist, geneticist, parents and they have all told us the same thing – early intervention is the key to success.  We saw occupational and physical therapist at LeBonheur who gave us a few things we could implement at home. They encouraged lots of tummy time, no swaddling blankets, tracking with eyes, and then just encouraging normal baby interaction. I have researched and been working with David on a variety of different therapies, but really I have felt lost.

We have been praying for guidance – praying the Lord would lead us to the right therapist with the right approach. We feel as if our prayer has been answered.  The therapist we saw had a brother, Scott, with DS and two-thirds of his clients are children with DS. We have read testimonials of phenomenal results from individuals who have implemented this therapy program- exploding vocabularies, early potty training, elite gymnasts, perfect speech, easy social interaction, independent living (with parents close by). Michael Kane, the therapist, is a Christian, a husband, a father, a practical man who understands that life is busy. While he encouraged us to push towards therapy completion everyday he stressed that some is better than none and to do what we can.

David’s therapy consist of 24 intense, repetitious stimulating activities. His therapy activities cover fine and gross motor function, auditory function, language function, visual function, and tactile function. I am easily overwhelmed, and as a stay at home mother the majority of David’s therapy will fall on my shoulders. I am not complaining. I am SO thankful for my role as a full time mama. I am praying the Lord will give me a long term vision for the future, but the ability to focus on this day – this day with my daily grace. As parents, Louis and I, both want what is best for David. We want him to be as high functioning and independent as possible. We have high hopes and are encouraged, but we have our work cut out for us. If we cross your minds please pray for us.

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  1. Clay and Casie Deisher

    I think of y’all at least once every day! Praying of strength and grace every day as you parent your sweet babies. Being a stay at home mama is so overwhelming some days (most days!). Praying for extra joy and every day graces for you sweet Abigail!

  2. mark

    I came across your blog…sweet prayers for your whole family!

    We run a non-profit that supports families with children that are critically or chronically ill in Memphis. If there is anything that we can ever do for you…please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a partner organization with LeBonheur and can’t say enough about what an amazing place it is.

  3. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    praying for you all.
    Abi, I know you will do all that you can….and then fret over what you can’t….Just know we have every confidence in you and Louis and Lily….David will do so well surrounded by all of ya’ll:) LOVE ya’ll!

  4. Tracey

    I love reading your posts. I pay little attention to any other emails and I anxiously scroll to read yours. Y’all are amazing!! Love ya

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