Recovering Well

David is recovering very well. He is heavily sedated, but has woken up a few times (only to find himself being put back to sleep). The doctors and nurses are all very encouraging about his progress and his rate of recovery. The ventilator was removed last night, and he is breathing great on his own. His oxygen levels are great! One of the symptoms of his heart condition was that he constantly held low oxygen levels. We were amazed to see that this was immediately corrected by the surgery. His heart rate has also slowed to a normal rate. Prior to the surgery it was beating too fast and working too hard in order to keep everything flowing in a normal way.

The nurses will be slowly weaning him off of tubes and medications throughout the next day or two. We are expecting to be out of the CVICU and in a regular recovery room within the next few days as well. David began eating a little bit this morning and will increase his intake as the day progresses.

Abi and I had a great nights sleep last night and woke up feeling good. Once again, God has been very good to us and we do not want to take that for granted, or let His mercies pass by without expressing our gratitude. We will continue to keep you posted as things progress. Thank you for walking with us, and may the God of all comfort, comfort you in your afflictions as He has used you to comfort my family in ours. We have a few pics below.



Snuggling up with daddy the day before surgery


This is immediately after surgery with his full array of recovery accessories. Each screen is a different medication.


Enjoying some food with mamma.

 2013-08-14 10.42.10

Our little cutie pie

4 thoughts on “Recovering Well

  1. Kathy Anderson

    Praising God for the great progress. And….continuing to pray for you all. With love and prayers…

  2. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    miracles that we can see:)
    may God bless all of you and continue his healing on our baby. joyful tears and a big bursting heart just looking at him!

  3. Beth Halverson

    We’re praising the Lord with you for His goodness in all of this and continuing to pray for David and your family.

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