Progress Report

David turned 8 months old on January 4. Happy, happy boy…


We began our new year with doctor’s appointments. There is always a dread as these appointments draw closer and a sense of relief when they are over. David saw his pediatrician, and received a good report. He weighs 18 pounds, and on the Down syndrome growth chart he is 75% in his weight (no surprise there) and 25-50% in his height. His oxygen, heart rate, and blood pressure were perfect! He had his scheduled CBC and thyroid test. Both came back normal, and I was very thankful. I have said many prayers concerning both test. Children with DS have a slightly elevated risk for childhood leukemia. This fact scares me – I think about it every day. I am more fearful than I should be, and I have to constantly remind myself of God’s faithfulness to us in the past year. Both of these test will be repeated in 6 months, then once a year until he is 5. David also had a follow up appointment with Dr. Feliz (the surgeon who performed his Hirschpreungs pull through). All looked well. I felt like this poor little guy had a tough week – a finger prick that left the nurse squeezing his finger for a very long time, blood drawn from his arm, and a very painful rectal exam that left him screaming and left me thinking I was going to pass out. He will have his eyes and hearing checked in a few weeks. If you think about it please pray for his hearing test. His last test was a few months ago. One ear was perfect, but the other ear was full of fluid and non-responsive. The doctor felt like it was from the fluid, but his ears will have to be checked again.

We are pursuing a variety of nutritional supplements and foods to help support David’s growth and development. I have joined a support group who treat their children needs through both medical interventions, supplements and clean (organic) diets.  I have also found a group of families who implement the same type of therapy program. I am excited to be a part of these groups and to learn from their experience.

We are still doing therapy with David every day. We are seeing some progress, but it is slow. Some days leave me weary and near tears because I want to see more progress, but other days I am content with the progress I do see. We are still working on sitting. The average range for a child with DS to begin sitting on their own is anywhere from 7 – 15 months. David can tripod sit for longer periods of a time, and he has graduated to an exer-saucer and bumbo seat. He is rolling all around on the floor. I will find him under chairs or off the rug on the concrete floors. He is holding a bottle on his own. It’s a small bottle, but it’s progress!


He is “talking” more. He is saying “mamama” – of course this thrills me.

And Lily…


Well, she is busy being a great big sister and mama’s big helper. She really is alot of help around the house (she folded a basket of laundry this morning all by herself – woohoo!) About a month ago she was playing with her doll, and I heard her say, “It’s time for your therapy.” Tears instantly stung my eyes, and in my sinfulness I thought that no little girl should be familiar with that type of language. My world, Lily’s world, our everyday vocabulary is different from what I ever imagined, and I remind myself that this is not a bad thing. I pray every day that God will teach us needed lessons, bless us to grow into better individuals.

Both of these kiddos bring me so much joy!


8 thoughts on “Progress Report

  1. Stefanie

    He is too cute and it sounds like he’s doing great! I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Liam has a ton of tests coming up next month. I have faith, but I have to admit, I’m nervous!
    Lily is a great big sister!

  2. Pat Allen

    What precious children! What special blessings! What a joy it is to see their pictures & hear the positive updates! Continuing to pray for all of you & that David’s next check-ups are easier on him & have great results.

    1. Lillian Banna

      Happy 8 month baby David what a beautiful boy. He is doing so well,with such a great family why wouldn’t he. Our Faith and prayers are with you always. Lily is so beautiful and to think she helps with the laundry,wow great job Lily. Love u all. Aunt Lillian

  3. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    oh what a joy that Lily thinks therapy is normal:) it’s o.k. …you are setting such a positive experience in front of her that she is using it with her “baby dolls”:0
    glad David’s ck up is over with and that it all went well.
    I love you all and miss you all ALOT!!! always thrilled to see updates and photo’s of our sweet babies:)

  4. Aunt Wanda

    Wonderful report on David and inspirational as always :) So proud of Lily!!!! Kiss both my GREAT ones for me! Also give my Louis a kiss :)


  5. Bridget Davis

    Wonderful news about drs appointments and test. I’m interested in the organic diets. My Chloe is tiny. In nov her weight was 21 lbs 14 oz. at 32 months. Her height is average.

    1. Louis Post author

      Hey, Bridget. Great to hear from you. Hope you and your kids are doing well. Text me some time or send me a private email, and I can tell you more about what we are doing with David’s diet.

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