Outings with Lily

Louis and Lily had their first daddy / daughter date a few weeks ago. Lily is a daddy’s girl, so it didn’t take much to fuel her excitement about the evening. Tickets to Disney on Ice and a new dress were purchased, and a plan was made upon Lily’s request to eat at a restaurant where she could eat a quesadilla. Lily marked off days on her calendar in great anticipation. When the long awaited evening finally arrived I curled her hair, painted her finger nails, dressed her in a new dress and gold shoes. She was watching out the living room window waiting for Louis to arrive home from work – hoop skirt and all. It was precious! I wish I was better with words so I could describe the sheer delight of this little girl when Louis walked through the front door with flowers. There were squeals and giggles and kisses.




Louis’ act was a hard one to follow, but Lily and I braved the holiday madness and went Christmas shopping together. She wanted to get a Christmas present for her daddy and Sunshine. We had fun together. I think I told her “no” at least hundred times over the many princess items she insisted she needed for Christmas. We wrapped up the evening at the movies. This was her first theater experience, and I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it…



and I did too.

Good, sweet times with our little girl who fills our days with funny faces, silly rhymes and jokes, laughter and joy…well, most of our days.

6 thoughts on “Outings with Lily

  1. Maria Montgomery

    That’s so sweet!!! Love the dress the flowers the pictures . She is so beautiful god bless her. Glad u all had fun

  2. Lillian Banna

    Love it all so special for Daddy and Mommy to have one on one time with Lily. Lily looked so beautiful with her princess dress.

  3. Kathryn Green

    Oh, Abi, I love reading your blog! This is so sweet – Lily is a very blessed little girl. I still remember my 6 year old birthday date with Papa, and how special and excited I felt. I don’t remember all we did but I know we went to Shoney’s for supper at my request. :)

  4. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    priceless! I always say: “YOU are the measuring stick on what a man should be” your daughters watch you closely and if you have high standards in their life…they will expect that when seeking a future husband!!
    This was wonderful! Louis…you did me proud (even though I wasn’t even in this:) My heart beat an extra beat when I saw how special you made Lily feel:))

  5. Josie Schmidt

    Yes Louis, your mother is correct. Thankfully Lilly WILL have high standards in seeking a husband. Problem is, will any man be able to meet them? lol. I am thankful that the Lord brought me into your family’s lives. All fathers should strive to make their children feel important so that they grow up with self worth. You and Abi are doing a great job of raising God’s blessings. Love you.

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