Our First Buddy Walk

When the geneticists diagnosed David with Down syndrome she told us she saw two types of responses when families learned of their child’s disabilities. She saw families who buried their heads in the sand and pretended their child didn’t have DS, or she saw families who embraced the new life and became involved in therapies, activities, and other avenues that would help their child become successful. We want to be the second type of family. This is the family God has blessed us with. Louis and I want our lives, our home, our family to reflect His love and goodness to us, so we joyfully embrace our journey.

What’s a Buddy Walk? Buddy Walks began in 1995 to promote acceptance and inclusion of individuals with DS. These walks take place all over the world during the month of October – this year there over 250 organized walks. Buddy Walks are fundraising events for DS awareness where there is food, fun for the kids, concerts, face painting, auctions and a variety of other activities. The actual walk is just that – “A Buddy Walk.” You buddy up and support someone with Down Syndrome and you walk.

I wanted to have team t-shirts, so our good and talented friend, Barry, designed them. They were perfect! Here are some photos of our day.

Claude Ewing (Pop) and David Ewing



Lily and Nora’s shirt didn’t come in, so we made them one.



My sister-in-law, Heather and our one nephew, Abraham ( it was nap time). Heather has been incredibly kind and supportive. We appreciate her sweet spirit. I know David and Abraham will be best buddies.







We don’t do anything without MoMo. The kids love their MoMo.




We appreciate everyone who came to support David and our family. We know there will be challenges ahead – challenges we won’t face without friends and family, but the picture below is our family’s sentiment toward David.



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