Our Beach Trip

A few weeks ago our family, my sister’s family, my mom, and Sarah Hardy packed up and headed south for Orange Beach, Alabama. I LOVE the ocean, and I had been telling Louis that once heart surgery was complete we were traveling to the beach to rest and recover – HA! What was I thinking…I have two children. My romantic idea of sitting on the beach listening to the waves, reading a good book, and relaxing was shattered shortly after we arrived. We had a blast, but my relaxing vacation days are over for a while…and that is just fine. It’s been a family tradition since our beach going days began that the first stop is always Cracker Barrel. We filled up on biscuits, pancakes, bacon and eggs, and hoped this big meal would make all the kids pass out for the remainder of the trip…our plan didn’t work.

Lily and Charlie


Nora and Lily

Our days consisted of lazy, balcony sitting, coffee drinking mornings that were followed by trips to the pools, lazy river, or beach. Lily is a cautious child. With her arm floats and ring she would enter the 1 foot deep kiddy pool and yell, “Mama, look how brave I am.” It made me laugh.





We went to Lulu’s for dinner. This is a great place for the kiddos.




We went to an alligator farm which proved to be a neat adventure. The kids got to pet and feed the alligators. We went during a feeding time and watched as they fed an entire pig to the alligators.


…did I mention that Lily is a cautious child? Our next stop was Lambert’s where the rolls are as large as a child’s head – literally.


Louis joined us at the end of the week, and we were all thrilled to see him.


Overall, we had a great vacation! We ended the week with breakfast at Tacky Jacks.




4 thoughts on “Our Beach Trip

  1. Maria Montgomery

    That’s fun ! Great pictures . Family vications are the best. Yeah when u have kids there is not relaxation for us but it’s fun being with the family.

  2. Sylvia Haddad

    So glad you all got to get away. Loved the pictures, especially the ones of you with both kids and Louis with both kids. Hugs and kisses to the children.

  3. Beth Halverson

    It makes me so happy to see your family being able to just be together as a family. Sweet pictures.

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