Meet Cason


The Lord continues to shower us with blessings. Blessings we never expected. Blessings we didn’t know to look for. Blessings in individuals and families we have met and know we will meet. Blessings in unexpected places like hospitals and doctor’s offices. Blessings all around us each day.

Shortly after David was born, I was contacted by a New Albany neighbor, Mindy Crawley. She and her husband have three boys – Cooper, Cason, and Camden. She was 29 when Cason, who has Down Syndrome, was born under similarly surprising circumstances. Over the past 8 weeks we have emailed back and forth, and this past Saturday their family came over for supper. I was somewhat nervous about their visit. Besides David, I have never met or had any interaction with someone with Down Syndrome.  I had tears in my eyes as I watched this smiling little boy come running down our walkway. He’s not too different from any other 3 year old boy you would meet. He loved opening and closing doors, playing with toys, and eating ice cream hoping for seconds. He enjoyed running around the backyard with bare feet, swinging on the swing set, and playing in the sandbox. His smile was contagious. It made me happy to watch him play. It made me look forward to our future with David – to know he will just be our little boy. He may not walk as quickly. He may use some sign language to help communicate, but he will still be a little boy having fun. A little boy who has showered our lives with unexpected blessings.

I was able to sneak one hug from this smiling, happy boy, but he liked Louis. We look forward to seeing this family again. I think a meeting at El Agave might be in our near future.

We have 3 doctor appointments this week – we will keep you posted.


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