Lily Turns 4

Lily turned 4 on August 31, and we celebrated pirate style. She was insistent on a unicorn birthday party and tried her best to convince me she had developed a deep love for unicorns. I suggested a pirate party and the planning began.

We dressed up! Pictured pirates – Yes, that is my mother. Charlie, Nora, Lily, Abi Grace, and Morgan (or MoMo as we affectionately call her).


Charlie and Darby McCoy


Nora ( AKA – Nora Kat or Little Squirrel)


Louis was in charge of the treasure hunt.



The birthday girl – Lily Karen


And of course we had to have a parrot pinata.


Abraham Ewing – our only nephew. We have 8 nieces. Poor little guy!


The birthday cake, which I could have never pulled together without Andrea’s help.



 Here is the birthday girl who change my life forever four years ago. Lily made me a mother and was an answer to many prayers. This energetic, loving, happy, sweet girl is a constant source of joy to both me and Louis. She makes us laugh and brings us great pleasure as her parents. We can not imagine life without our “sweet pea!”

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  1. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    very sweet and fun post! Glad Abraham will have little David in his corner:) two boys spoiled by lots of girls:) now there’s a combo:))

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