LeBonheur Heart Reunion

Last weekend Lily, David, my mom, Morgan (affectionately called MoMo), and I loaded up and headed to Memphis for the weekend. Our first stop was Didi and Uncle Steve’s house. Uncle Steve is a great cook, and we had a yummy meal of grilled fish, vegetables, and risotto waiting on us. We always have fun at DiDi’s house. Lily had the camera, so excuse the little finger in the way.


DiDi lives 2 blocks from LeBonheur, so during those first weeks of David’s life we spent alot of time here. Many memories came flooding back – panic attacks, sleepless nights, exhaustion like I’ve never experienced before, tears (tears and more tears), bowls of strawberries and yogurt waiting on me because Uncle Steve and DiDi knew that those were some of the few foods I could keep down, the fear on the morning of David’s Hirschpreung’s surgery…

Here we were 10 months later to attend the second annual LeBonheur Heart Reunion. A lot of those memories brought tears to my eyes, but the faithfulness and mercy of God moved me to tears also. I was there with my two children and with some of the individuals who stood beside me through those difficult times. There was David snoozing on DiDi’s chest, swinging in his little portable swing, happy and content and making us smile with his smile – that smile that lights his entire face. Lily was busy playing in the warm sunshine, and serving Uncle Steve breakfast, and cleaning the cat box, (because that is the “neatest” chore in her book). She is a big sister because of God’s mercy in answering so many of our prayers.

The heart reunion was a lot of fun. It’s kind of strange how easily you can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. We all have a common bond – our babies were alive and well because God has given man the ability to repair tiny hearts. There were miracles everywhere you looked.

There was face painting and cookie decorating


and crafts


I love this picture of Lily and David.



Dr. Knott-Craig arrived about half way through the reunion and you would have thought a celebrity entered the room, well, I guess to us he is a celebrity. Mamas holding their heart warriors swarmed him. If these pictures don’t melt you heart…






yeah, I was crying happy, thankful tears! If I’ve said it once I’ve said it hundred times. I will say it until the day I die, “I will be forever grateful for Dr. Christopher Knott-Craig.”

2 thoughts on “LeBonheur Heart Reunion

  1. Bridget Davis

    I love those pictures! I feel the same way about Dr. Knott-Craig. U can tell how much he loves and cares for his patients! I’m eternally grateful for him and the gift God has given him to b able to save so many children’s lives. Ur such an inspiration to me. I enjoy reading these post n seeing the pictures.

  2. BeBe

    LOVED the pictures. you can see the love the doctor has…his face is lit up like little David’s:) Lily looks so sweet too. love her heart shirt…and her:)

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