I love, LOVE the holiday season – twinkle lights, decorations, Christmas trees and music, special times with family, the excitement. We began our Christmas festivities the Saturday after Thanksgiving with Christmas music and decorating the Christmas tree. This was a BIG day for Lily, so she wore her best dress


and shoes.


It was no small act holding Lily in the air for the tree topper. She’s really heavy – good thing her daddy has big muscles.


Because it is one of Louis’ fondest Christmas memories he has with his two brothers and mother, Christmas cookies has become a holiday tradition. I turned Lily loose with the sprinkles, so you can imagine the tops of our cookies.



and you can’t decorate a Christmas tree without hot chocolate…CHEERS!




Sunshine was busy taking his evening nap, but he joined us later.


We hope your holiday season is merry and bright.

2 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    awwww, how sweet!!!! you know, our Christmas cookies and build up to Christmas was wonderful for me too! Mama did it with me and Wanda too. I’m happy you are carrying it on….it means so much more than you can imagine to the kids!
    I do remember having to change their jogging suits once all the baking was done. I have this vision of all of them in blue joggers and covered in powder white flour:0)
    memories are wonderful!

  2. Julie Mc

    Love it! I love all things Christmas and so does my family. We love decorating, hot chocolate, cookies, everything else. Pictures are so cute!

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