Down Syndrome and the Sanctity of Life

Sanctity of Life – in religion and ethics the belief is a principle of implied protection regarding all life which is said to be sacred, holy, or of such value not to be violated. (

Sanctity of Life Sunday took place this week. I’m pro-life, but I rarely think about the 1.3 million children who are aborted in a years time. Since David’s birth the statistics of abortion are more sobering. The abortion rate of Down syndrome children is shockingly high – 93% of women who receive a DS diagnosis choose to end their pregnancy. Women who choose to abort a DS child argue that it is unfair to be asked to raise a disabled child, or that is in unfair to ask a child to live a limited life.

I wish they knew! I wish they knew how incredibly beautiful all life is, and that a Down syndrome diagnosis is some of the best news you will ever receive.  Yes, you read that right. When we received David’s diagnosis I cried. I grieved for the child I had imagined for 9 months. When people would tell me of how my world would expand, how I would see the world with new eyes, how our family would experience love, and joy and blessings – I would think of how nice it was of them to tell me that, but I didn’t really believe it. I understand now, and I know they were right. Down syndrome has been an unexpected part of our lives, but I can honestly tell you that David’s life is beautiful and valued. He is perfect. He is strong. He is happy. His eyes sparkle (literally). He gives the best snuggles, kisses, and his smile lights his entire face – I LOVE it when this boy smiles. Lily has not been given a “bad” sibling, and Louis and I have not been given a “bad” son. We don’t look at David and see Down syndrome, we see our little boy – a little boy who captured our hearts from the first second of his life and who continues to bring happiness, joy, and blessings to our entire family. In his short 8 months of life God has used David to teach me many lessons, and I’m amazed of the stories I hear of how God has used David in the lives of others.









5 thoughts on “Down Syndrome and the Sanctity of Life

  1. Julie Mc

    Great post from a perspective that few of us know. I know in my heart that all life is sacred but you are living proof of this truth. God has truly blessed your faithfulness!

  2. Melanie Strevel Hodges

    Louis and Abby, beautiful words! I say the same thing about autism and my two children who have it. They are the brightest, most beautiful gift from God. I can’t wait to meet your little boy, David! May God Bless you!

  3. Stefanie

    Amen!!! I had very similar feelings when Liam was born and we received his diagnosis, but I wish all those moms that are struggling with a prenatal diagnosis could just hold him for a few seconds. I wish they could look into his eyes and have his smile touch their soul. It breaks my heart that so many are aborted or given up. I loved your post!

  4. Maria Montgomery

    That’s beautiful . Any child is a gift from god. We r blessed to have children. Some people can’t have any. Thx for sharing . Love all the smiles and pictures. Love to u all

  5. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    I thank God each time I read yours and Louis’ posts. I see you “seeing” and “knowing” the joy I told Louis you were about to live. When he called us to tell us David had Downs, I was in a JC Penny dressing room…i answered the phone. He gave me the news. I remember my response being something like this….
    “Louis you are about to experience joy that you don’t even know”!!!
    I thank God for having worked with Down Syndrome children and special needs children for the 3 year stint at a public school before buying this store. It gave me a LOVE and an awe that I might not have known otherwise. I do remember wanting to gang everyone up and just bring them home with me;))
    It would be wise if Docs would set up an avenue for a pregnant diagnosed woman with Down’s baby….to spend a day or afternoon etc….with a family such as yours;0
    o.k. Lebanor…lets get such a program up and going:))
    Love you all more than I am able to express!

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