David, Surgery, and the Mercy of God

We are thankful to let you know that David’s surgery is complete and was successful. When they removed his heart, they found 4 holes rather than 2 and also discovered that he was in heart failure (he was not far enough along for us to notice the symptoms). Dr. Knott-Craig told us that the repair of the valves went very well. He said that the right valve was perfect, and the left was a little leaky, but would correct itself as he grew. David is now in the cardiovascular ICU getting a little R&R.

We are thankful for all of your prayers and support during this time in our lives. This was very difficult, but not as difficult as it could have been. God has been very merciful to us in many ways. I spent last week praying for God to spare my little boy. I also spent a lot of time praying for the strength to bear the loss, if God chose to take him from us. I am thankful for God’s mercy in allowing us to keep our little sunshine through this experience. I can say along with the Psalmist, The Lord is my (our family’s) Shepherd, and He shepherds well. He has been our sun and our shield, and He has withheld nothing good from us.

We will be here for 5-7 days. Please continue to pray for David’s recovery. We love you all and are thankful for your love.


8 thoughts on “David, Surgery, and the Mercy of God

  1. Brenda Trout-Constance

    Dear distant cousins,
    I am so happy to get the wonderful news this afternoon that Baby Sunshine has pulled through the cardiac surgery. I am thankful they caught it just as he was in early stages of heart failure. Yes, God is good. I never cease to be amazed at how totally you place everything in God’s hands and believe he will do what is best. The strength of you faith is more than I can know. I got chills when I read you post-op update. May God bless all four of you with happiness, for it is plain to see how much you love him and how ever-present he is in your lives. Phoebe must be so proud of you. Blessed be.

  2. Rachel Green

    As soon as I read these words…

    “When they removed his heart, they found 4 holes rather than 2 and also discovered that he was in heart failure (he was not far enough along for us to notice the symptoms)”

    …I was completely awestruck to think of the advances in medicine that made that statement possible. The rain falls on the just and on the unjust, but the faithful know that those advancements, and the benefits from them, are a blessing directly from our omnipotent God…who is also tender, merciful, and faithful.

    We are so relieved, and blessed, and grateful…along with you. All glory to God in the highest!

  3. Maria Montgomery

    Great news . God is good . We r happy to hear the good news. We will keep praying for fast recovery . We love u

  4. Josie Schmidt

    Abby and Louis,

    I am so thankful that God blessed your family in such a way. God placed little David in the capable hands of faithful parents. The sweet little girl that I have known so long has grown into a wonderful god fearing young woman, wife and mother. I have observed Louis over the years and have enjoyed watching his love and walk with God grow. What lovely children you have been blessed with. I know without a doubt that the two of them will grow up knowing the Love of our Lord as well as the tenderness, mercy, joy, justice (when needed) and the love of two wonderful parents.

    I am always amazed at the wonder of our Lord.

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