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David’s New Trick

A few months ago I began researching different types of therapies that might assist David in learning to sit up. Sitting up is our next big milestone, and I want to do what I can to help David achieve this milestone. Children with Down syndrome have low muscle tone, so their development is delayed. The majority of a baby’s physical development comes from their core strength. Rolling over, playing with toes, sitting up, putting weight on legs, army crawling, crawling, pulling up, and walking can not be achieved until the core muscles are strong enough to support this type of movement. When I try to find therapies for David I look for the advice of other stay at home moms, not because I think they are experts on all things. Stay at home mothers are able to implement a consistent therapy program with their Down syndrome children because they are with them all day. Here is what I found and what I have been doing with David for several months.

Any time David is in a reclining position we do the same three things each time before I actually pick him up. He has to reach for me. Once his arms are all the way up I grasp his fingers and help him do a mini crunch into the sitting position. I help him hold the sitting position for a few seconds and then I pick him up. I always cheer for him, and he breaks out into the BIGGEST grin. So, over the course of months he has done hundreds of these mini crunches. He has held the same sitting position hundreds of times, but today I turned loose and…



He was able to hold this position for 10-15 seconds. I think those chubby rolls in his arms helped.

I had a difficult weekend. A weekend where I struggled with David’s physical delays.  I was reminded today that God knows. He knows my weakness. He knows my desires. He knows my heart and struggles. On this day when I was feeling discouraged – He knew, and it was no accident that David’s “trick” happened today.