Answered Prayers

This time two weeks ago I was sitting with friends and family in the surgical waiting area at LeBonheur. I knew David was on a bypass machine, and all I could do was sit and pray. We prayed often that day. We would gather in a circle hold hands and pray. I’ve thought alot about prayer since David’s birth. I want God’s answer to be “YES,” but He is just and good and faithful even if He answers with a “NO.” The last two weeks I have been living in the reality of a “YES” answer from God. I can not express how thankful I am to be home once again with my two children. I recently read this passage from a devotional book by John Piper, “God’s omnipotent exuberance to do us good is one of the most freeing discoveries a human can make. Oh, that we might believe it and savor it and bring it to mind again and again until it is our very nature to feel the truth that ‘the godly are designed for unknown and inconceivable happiness.’ Unremitting confidence in this truth would truly transform our attitudes and keep is steady in the face of great adversity.”¬†Every time I see David’s chest I whisper a prayer of praise and thanksgiving. His 6 inch scar is all that remains of his surgery, but the scar will serve as reminder of all that God has done for us – a reminder of all the prayers He has answered on David’s behalf. God would have been just as good if He answered our prayers with a “NO,” but I can not praise Him enough for his “YES” to my heart’s desire.

During our stay at LeBoneur I thought about all the hurting children and parents who have walked those halls. I have prayed more and more for these families – families I will never meet. I pray for the little girl who came into the CVICU sick with a virus that attacked the muscles of her heart. The doctors told her mother she had the stomach virus, and three weeks later she was on a ventilator. I pray for the little boy who had cochlea implants. He is four ears old, and his parents are hoping he will be able to hear for the first time in his life. I pray for a NICU mama that we met during our stay at LeBonheur – the Lord answered her prayers with a “NO.” I pray for another NICU family whose baby was born 2 days after David, and they are still in the NICU. I’m praying for a woman I met a few days ago. Nine years ago they spent 8 months in the NICU with their son. God answered their prayers with a “NO,” and they took their son home to die. The Lord gave them two more biological children, and now they have given their lives to adopting children who are not wanted by their own parents. Children who have severe brain damage or cerebral palsy. I met their son Dillon. Dillon was in a wheelchair, and could do little but grunt and become excited about seeing David. This mother stroked his hair, rubbed his arm, and couldn’t talk enough about God’s goodness and faithfulness. Even in a “NO” answer from God, she was happy and her life had been forever changed by His answer. I want to live in the truth that God does what is best for His children – ALL THE TIME!

David had his two week check-up with Dr. Knott-Craig. We couldn’t be more thankful for his good report. Dr. Knott-Craig couldn’t hear his murmur, and the XRay showed that his left valve is leaking less. The leaking has gone from moderate to minimal and should be completely gone in 3-4 months. David continues to do great. He’s back to his sweet, happy self.



I will be forever thankful for this man.


Lily has turned into a big helper! She wants to feed David and help change diapers. She takes initiative and is great with her little brother.



It’s birthday week for Lily. She will be four on Saturday. WOW! Where does the time go? When I was growing up my mom made a really big deal about birthdays. We didn’t have a day we had a whole birthday week. I ¬†hope to carry on with this tradition. We are planning a pirate birthday party, and we are counting down…


I am happy! I am blessed!

3 thoughts on “Answered Prayers

  1. Nurse Sarah

    Just as Jesus’ s scars are a reminder of Gods unfailing faithfulness, David’s are, too. I am forever thankful and blessed that I was able to care for your precious son and your family. Thank you and praise be to our good and merciful Father.

    1. Bridget Davis

      It’s such a blessing to read your posts! It’s also a remembrance of our experience. You meet so many families, nurses, doctors, LeBonheur employees and we often reflect and pray for them. Your pictures r so adorable. I’m so glad David is doing well! He’s such a cutie and he looks so happy. Happy birthday to Lily! Chloe also has a leaky mitral valve. Hers has continued to improve. I pray David’s will also!

  2. Maria Montgomery

    Great to see that u guys r home. The kids look so adorable . Glad David is recovering well thx to god. Happy birthday to Lilly . We lOve u all

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