An Update and Another Great Video

Good morning! I’m working on a post about our first Buddy Walk, but it literally takes me days to complete a post. The kids keep me very busy. Until I can find the time to complete the post, I wanted to give an update on David, and post another great video.

I have been made overwhelming thankful the last 2 weeks for David’s progress. When Lily was a baby we would become excited about her new discoveries, but with David each new discovery is a victory – a victory that is harder won and enthusiastically celebrated. David is now able to control his head movements with little wobbling, and his core is becoming stronger. He is interested in pulling (with help) into a sitting position, and he is now putting weight on his legs when we hold him in a standing position. We do alot of tummy time to strengthen his core. Our next big goal is sitting up. He is eating from a spoon like a champ. This boy LOVES to eat. Sometimes when I am feeding him, I think about the crying NICU mama who literally tried everything to get this baby to finish an ounce of milk. He now guzzles 7 ounces when fed from a bottle, and eats cereal / baby food twice a day. We saw our pediatrician 2 weeks ago, and David received a good report. He has gained 3 pounds since surgery. His oxygen was 100% – WOOHOO! At the end of this month he will begin a 7 shot regiment that will be given once a month. Research shows that heart babies are especially susceptible to RSV, so from October through April (RSV season) David will receive Synagis. Synagis will help protect him from RSV. I want to praise the Lord for our insurance – each shot is $2500. We have met our deductible, so we will pay nothing for the shots. I am praying the Lord will bless us with a healthy winter. If you think about David please pray with me.

Here is the video. It’s the story of a father and his acceptance of his daughter who was born with Down Syndrome. All you runners will love this…

2 thoughts on “An Update and Another Great Video

  1. Susan

    Such wonderful news! I’ll be praying for David this RSV season. Owen got Synagis shots last year and we are waiting to find out if he needs to get them again this year. I’m sure your doctor will tell you this but schedule the first appt of the day so you can minimize your risk of going in a room that has many germs. I hated going to “germ infested waters” each month last year but it was necessary. I was always concerned the bigger kids were going get sick because they touched so much stuff. It was a mild winter last year which was great so maybe this year will be too. I’m ready for some snow but won’t mind if it holds off a few more years. ha! Much love to you! ~~ Susan

  2. Aunt Wanda

    David is such a blessing to all who know and love him. All that know him, fall in love with him :)

    God gave him to the perfect parents and sister, and I am so blessed to be his great aunt. I know there are struggles and thus far the Lord has given you all the strength to face each day as it comes and to inspire all those around you. I know He will be faithful to continue to guide you as you treasure the gift of David.

    We all see what you may not see, all the blood, sweat and tears are sure signs of great love. All children are special and if you are the right kind of parent (and you are) they each present different challenges. You have seen me struggle at times with “my baby”… but all along God had a plan :)

    Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you for including us in the journey. The movie was awesome and of course, made me cry.

    I love you all more than you may know,
    Aunt Wanda

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