A Seemingly Uncharted Course

It is not uncommon to hear people comment on the life of Abraham and marvel at the fact that he set out on a life journey in which he had no idea where he was going nor what he would do when he arrived to this uncharted destination. Isn’t it amazing that one life, one uncharted journey, could have such a profound impact on the world as a whole? What’s even more amazing, is the fact that when we look at Abraham at the end of his journey, we find that it wasn’t uncharted at all, it just happened to be charted by someone other than the traveler. Abraham is not unique in this sense. Whether we realize it or not, the road of unexpected surprises that catch us off guard, are gentle nudges by the hidden hand of God that redirect us in ways we would have never gone otherwise.

My struggle today is that I do not want to be the traveler anymore. I would not describe myself as a person who has to be in control. I can pretty much go with the flow and even enjoy watching things naturally play out. I am reminded today, that there are no definitive statements that accurately describe an individual. We all have the same capacities, they simply function in varying degrees. Today, I struggle with wanting more control over my journey. There are things I would change: I would be home right now; as a matter of fact, we would have been home three weeks ago. My little girl would not be confused and so easily upset. My wife and I would be holding a little boy with no wires attached

Sometimes we struggle in life because we do not understand what we see. Other times we can’t see what we understand. I understand the fact that I lack the resources to be in control here. However, the process of actually seeing this reality is difficult to come to grips with. Our lives are in the hands of a loving God who is charting our course. Our part is to travel, it is the only thing we are equipped to do.

– Louis

*** David is having a good day. They removed his feeding tube, and took his picc-line out. The doctors and nurses are encouraging and we hope to come home soon.

2 thoughts on “A Seemingly Uncharted Course

  1. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    I love you Louie,
    I can not imagine how tired and frazzled emotionally and physically that all of you must be. I imagine that I do, but I don’t….I’ve not had this journey before. I don’t know how many times I’ve “exhaled” for you….way over here just thinking how grinding this all is becoming. While we trust God and we are willing to take HIS lead, we are also flesh and bone and we are frail in “doing”!!! Our babies come first, and the pull of two children with different needs are just heartbreaking.
    I know home sounds so good and you are longing for “normal”.
    I love you and am praying always. We are so glad the baby is doing better and we PRAY that you are able to journey home SOON!!!! We pray all the time for Lily to hold out and for God to comfort her little being. Always carrying you all in my heart! Mama

  2. Pat Allen

    Louis & Abi, Giving praise here for David’s good day & the encouragement you are receiving that this part of your journey may soon be over & your precious family can be home. I can not begin to imagine the weariness you must all feel, but I can tell you how inspiring, encouraging & awesome your words have been to those who read your posts & who may share this journey only through the prayers lifted up for you.
    Yes, it is our part to travel the course that He charts, but what a blessing it is to see God’s glory shining in the steps you take! Praying for all of you-for encouragement, strength & joy as you continue your journey.

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