A Good Life

Here is what we have been up to…


Lazy mornings…


Growing…(he was looking super cute in this outfit – thanks Abraham for loaning me your clothes)


Hanging out with Sissy…




Being the Sunshine of our family… (thanks Aunt Andrea for my shirt)


Hanging out at the doctor’s office…


22 inches and 9 lbs, 9 oz…


Camp Moriah and fishing (Nora and Lily – best cousins)


Mama and David hanging out…


Eating and this boy has decided he loves to eat. We are up to 85-90cc. He also loves his daddy! From the smile on Louis’ face, I’m pretty sure his daddy is crazy about him too.


We went to a fun mustache birthday party – Happy Birthday, Abraham!


Snoozing and snoozing…


When David isn’t snoozing he enjoys campaigning – I think this picture is hilarious!

You asked for pictures, and I hope you enjoyed them.

My life has taken an unexpected turn. A life of checklists, medications, doctor’s appointments, speech, occupational, physical therapy (who would have thought that someone so small needs to start therapy). A life where I worry about heart defects and pray for wet diapers, and rejoice over dirty diapers. A life where God is teaching me every day to turn to Him again and again, because where else can I go with my fears and struggles. I have days where I struggle with fear, and I wonder about this unexpected journey. I wonder how God will use our family. I wonder “why.” I wonder if I’m being the best mama I can be for the two children God has given me. Then I wonder why God has given me this beautiful, amazing life. A life where I have so much. A life where I enjoy the cutest morning stretches; first smiles and coos; snuggles and giggles and laughs; crazy hair mo-hawks; finished bottles. A life where if I could, I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t change David’s Down Syndrome because he is “fearfully and wonderfully made” and perfect just the way he is, and I wouldn’t change David’s medical issues. Although the medical issues are difficult for me they are teaching me to trust in God.

Here is where we are with David – He continues to eat great. We have reached 3 ounces. I smile as I type this…remember when we were asking for prayer over 5cc bottles…God is amazing. He is up 2 pounds, 2 ounces from his birth weight. I recently showed someone a picture of David and they said, “Oh, he doesn’t look sick.” From the pics above you can see that from the outside he is a picture of health. Thank the Lord for modern medicine, ECHOS, and EKG. We will meet the heart surgeon on Wednesday, and Friday we have another appointment with cardiology.

I am still praying for a miracle – that we will go for an ECHO and the holes in his heart will be gone. I know I serve a God who can perform miracles. If He chooses to not answer that specific prayer I will praise Him for surgeons and hospitals and doctors.

thanks for the love you show my family,


5 thoughts on “A Good Life

  1. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    precious!!!!! We too count our blessings and stand in awe that God has given us such a grand family to call our own. We are so grateful that our children are responsible adults and loving, selfless parents:) We are so happy to be Bubba & BeBe:) our 7 grandchildren are the smiles of our hearts!!!
    you are a GREAT mama! Louis is a GREAT daddy! Lily and David are blessed!

  2. Maria Montgomery

    Beautiful pictures , thx for sharing!!! U are a great mother for Lilly and David , they r both lucky to have u as their mama:) louis is a lucky man to have such a great wife too. U both are great for each other and for the kids. God is good. Glad to see that David is eating well and gaining :) he is so adorable and Lilly is growing up so fast! Can’t wait till Christmas to see u all and get to meet little David . Love to u all

  3. Josie Schmidt

    Abby this is for you.

    I was on the train here in Sydney. I missed my stop, but had not realized it. I was the only person on the car. The next stop a man stepped on board, he turned to face the doors before I could see what he looked like. He was by himself. Clean cut, clothes perfectly ironed. He was relaxed and chose to stand, even though the car was empty. The doors shut, and as the train started to move away, I exclaimed out loud, “I’ve missed my stop.”

    The man turned towards me and asked me what stop I needed. I told him. He said, “Don’t worry, you can get off on the next stop, and come back.” He said he took this route all the time to get to his job.

    When this helpful clean cut man turned to look at me as he offered his advise, it was at this time I noticed he had Downs Syndrome.

    I don’t know what the rest of his story is. But what I could see was that of any Australian, on his way home after a days work. Confident and happy.

    I love you and your family is beautiful.

  4. Liz York

    I have spent the last little bit getting caught up on your blog. Susanna told us about David right after he was born and we have continued to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Your story touches me in various aspects in life. My brother has Down Syndrome and has been such a blessing to our family, as well as to others. Right now your story touches me more as a mom…as I am sure you’ve heard, our lives have taken an unexpected turn as well. No longer are we just a mom, but we are nurse, doctor, advocate, educator, and numerous other titles. It is exhausting, the fear of the unknown, the medical terminology, medicines, gaining weight/growth concerns. I can relate to so much of that with Elise right now. I know you are doing an amazing job! Many prayer for you and your sweet family in the days ahead! A sign was recently given to us, “Let your FAITH be bigger than your fear”

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