A Day to Remember

Today is a special day. I like to turn a lot of small things in to special days, but this one is big. 11 years ago today, Abigail and I met each other for the first time at Camp Moriah. Camp Moriah (known as just plain “Camp” to those who attend; because compared to it, there really is no other camp) is an annual summer camp for families that wish to spend a week feeling sweaty and nasty, while learning more about God and building relationships with other believers. 11 years ago today, Abi asked me if I wanted to play volley ball. I said no, and 8 months later we were married. I mark this day as God’s sweetest providential dealing in my life; the day I met the woman who was created to be my wife.

David continues to do great, and is growing. We have no appointments this week, so no real updates as far as that goes. We are suppose to meet with the heart surgeon next week, and should start working towards a date for the surgery. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the pictures.


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4 thoughts on “A Day to Remember

  1. Kathy

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two of the most wonderful people I have come to know….Abi through this blog and Louis…through schools.

    Also….David is just precious. What glorious children you have. Just know we continue to pray.

    Kathy Anderson

  2. Maria Montgomery

    Wow 11 years happy Anniversary to u two :) time sure flies by. Love all the pictures and little David is growing fast. I can’t wait to meet him. We love u and we will keep praying

    1. Lillian Banna

      Such a beautiful story. May God always Bless your beautiful family. Love the pictures. Lily is such a good sister to David I heard she doesn’t stop talking like Aunt Lillian. That is great for David. Our prayers are still with you all. Love you

      Aunt Lillian

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