a BIG day for David

I’ve been watching, waiting, coaxing, praying and it happened today…





Lily and I were playing with David and just like that he rolled over – twice. We broke out in wild cheers. We hugged. I cried, and Lily couldn’t have been any more proud of her little brother. The average age for a child with DS to begin rolling over is 8 months. David will turn 5 months this week.

The Lord continues to show Himself mighty in all areas of our lives.

6 thoughts on “a BIG day for David

  1. Tracey

    Sooo excited. Yaaaaa! I know he will be advance on everything. I know he loves his cheerleaders. Thrilled!!!!! Love y’all . God is soo good!!

  2. Maria Montgomery

    Woohoo u go David so proud of u!!! I bet he loves all the cheering he gets. Love to hear the good news. Love the pictures so sweet and adorable . Love to u all . God is good

  3. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    awww! BeBe and Bubba are cheering in TN:)
    Lily was so sweet calling me yesterday to let me know what baby David did!!
    I too, LOVE the surprised face in the “after” pic!haha LOVE< LOVE< LOVE him!!!!
    and….his timing was wonderful….he rolled over on his daddy's Birthday! Thanks Baby DAvid for the thoughtful gift for daddy:))

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