Our First Week at Home

Has it really been a week since we walked carrier and baby in hand out of the glass sliding doors of Lebonheur? Time passes so quickly. Our first week at home has been a sweet blessing. David is a great baby – happy and pleasant. Lily is as silly and loving as her daddy, and I can already see in her interaction with the baby that God could not have given David a better big sister. Lily and David have brought me so much joy and happiness over the last week. I can see with new eyes the blessing my children are. I can celebrate the “first” – our first meal together as a family, our first family walk, our first family devotion, our first night sleeping under one roof. David’s “first” feel like small victories. He has found his hands. He is learning to grasp things and bring his hands to his mouth. We expect our children to develop and learn new things. David will be no different. He might come along slower than a “normal” child, but how sweet it is to watch his victories. They make me smile.

We had 3 doctor’s appointments this week. Monday we saw our pediatrician. David was up a whopping 8 ounces from when we left the hospital. Nothing big to report from this appointment. We were just establishing a relationship with David and Dr. Shane Scott (we love our pediatrician).Tuesday we had a follow – up with surgery. David’s body has completely healed and has had no issues from surgery. Dr. Feliz was very pleased with his progress. Yesterday we saw Dr. Lee (the cardiologist). David’s oxygen, blood pressure, and heart rate were what they were when we left the hospital. His ECHO and EKG revealed almost no changes. David has AV canal heart defect. He has all four chambers of the heart, but the wall separating the chambers has 2 holes. More blood shunts into the right side of the heart, as a result more blood than normal is pumped into the lungs. The lower hole is so small it will be able to be fixed during surgery with a stitch. The top hole is larger and will have to be patched. Our plan is to continue as we are. If David becomes symptomatic we will proceed with surgery. If he continues to do well then surgery will be schedule when he is 3-4 months old. ¬†We were thankful for the good news we received through the week. God continues to show Himself mighty.


7 thoughts on “Our First Week at Home

  1. Meredith

    thankful to hear you had a great week! we will miss seeing you all at Camp, but will be praying you have another wonderful week together with your family. :)

  2. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    what wonderful news:) he’s so cute and sweet and we couldn’t be happier with our little grandson:) bless all of you! and I’m thankful that God gave him to all of ya’ll…he will thrive under your care;)

  3. kathy strevel

    Love hearing about your ‘victories’ and all the ‘firsts’! You remain in my thoughts and prayers. In every victory, in each daily mundane task, may you view life unto the God Who lives–Who is a Person–Who is intricately involved with our lives. love you four, sis kathy

  4. Josie Schmidt

    This message comes from beautiful Sydney, Australia. Hello from “down under”. What a beautiful city. What a miracle to have flown 6 hours from Cairo, Egypt, to Dubai; then fly 14 hours from Dubai to Sydney, Australia with only a few bumps, shakes and elevator drops while in the air. What a miracle flying is.

    However, the true miracle is little David. What a blessing you have in two precious children. What a blessing to have your prayers answered thus far. And what a blessing Lily and David have in such a sweet mommy, why wouldn’t you be? You were always a sweet young lady yourself. And what a wonderful daddy. Most importantly Lily and David have wonderful godly parents to bring them up.

    God Bless you and your family,

    All my love.

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