This is good for me?

This morning Louis, my mom, Morgan, Lily, and I stood around David’s crib and sang hymns and read scripture. Louis read Romans 8:28 – “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” As we began day 22 at Lebonheur, I have to admit this verse was hard for me to hear. Is this good for me? I’m physically and emotionally exhausted. I haven’t been home in three weeks. I miss my family. Lily is confused. My baby boy has been through so much in his short three weeks of life. I do believe this verse, but had to stop and ask God to help my unbelief. I want to fully believe this verse. I want to know it in my heart – that this trial is good for me; it’s good for our family.

So where are we on day 22 of our journey? Praise the Lord I can tell you that David has been declared “stable.” Cardiology and surgery have released him from their care, and we have been moved to Pod C in the NICU. They move babies to Pod C when they are ready to “eat and grow.” We were excited when they told us to pack our bags we were moving down the hall.  David has the feeding tube down his nose, but he still continues to make progress on his total amount consumed on his own. Two days ago he hit 88% of his goal feedings.  Yesterday was 75%. Today looks like it will be a good day, too. The doctors are actually very encouraged about his eating progress.  Children with Down Syndrome are notorious for being poor eaters. The Down Syndrome in combination with the heart defect makes eating a challenge.  Heart babies need more calories, so they are adding 4 calories of formula per ounce of milk. He receives a total of 64 extra calories a day. It feels like a balancing act. He needs the extra calories, but too much liquid can strain his heart and not enough liquid can dehydrate him.  Thank the Lord for doctors and nutritionist who know exactly what David needs.

As a mother, the feeding tube was difficult for me. I have to remember what so many are telling me – this is one of the first issues we are facing with David. Brother Isaac told me a few days ago too remember this will be a marathon for us. We are in the first mile. Please pray for me to patient and endure.

Love to all


5 thoughts on “This is good for me?

  1. Beth Halverson

    I’m so encouraged to hear how well David has progressed. I know you still must struggle with trying to figure out how you will have “enough” to last for what lies down the road. My heart always wants to run ahead as well, so I know I can tell you that “His grace is sufficient” for the needs today. The meal and the oil will be replenished when you go to the barrel.

  2. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    I learned a long time ago…don’t pray for patience:) You get trials….because trials bring patience:) So, I will pray for strength and understanding and peaceful endurance for you!! I say this with a smile on my face, because I know you are sitting right smack in the middle of a huge trial that will indeed give you patience. Trials come but we find we are strong in HIM and we are also bathed in joy:) LIttle David will look to you in the years to come and find his confidence in your confidence:)) So, this little period of time is preparing you for things to come. I pray for Lily who is so small and I hope Daddy can take her to see her house and reassure her that her things are right where she left them and that HER house is still HER house:) You are blessed and surrounded with a support system that you are confident and comfortable with and you will be just fine…one day at a time. We miss ya’ll and love ya’ll. praying for the day that your family can go home and get into a routine of normalcy ….well, whatever that is…but you know what I mean. Love ya’ll!

  3. BeBe (Debbi Sacran)

    I do not know where the first line of my comment came from…it says waiting for moderation???? I didn’t type that???

  4. Julie

    Tears rolling down my face as I read this! Excited for the gains, ready for you to get to come home, but so moved by the analogy of a marathon. Humans are in such a hurry to get to the next thing, that we miss the daily joys and triumphs that God grants us! Sending hugs! Praying for peace and patience and rest!

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