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Would You Help Me Celebrate Please?

Tomorrow is a very special day for our family. It is Abigail’s BIRTHDAY!!!! Birthdays really are special days; they give us the opportunity to reflect on the blessings that have come through and from a particular individual. This year has especially been a year that I can see God’s blessings in giving me Abigail as my wife. I have heard it said, that if you really want to know what’s in an individuals heart, watch them as they respond to trials and pressures. As you also know, our conduct in private can sometimes be the opposite of the appearance we give to the public. As some one who has watched and walked with Abi during trials and pressures, I want to tell you what is really there.

While Abi is human and has struggled with doubts and fears, these have not characterized her response to the trials and pressures of 2013. I have seen a heart that is full of concern and love toward her children and husband. I have seen a learners spirit that is willing to read, research, and put into action medical and therapy plans for our son. I have seen a weak, weary woman fight to be thankful for the blessings she received in the midst of great trials. I have seen an individual that has been very open about her need of a gracious God to give strength and support. To sum it up, I have seen love embodied in a human. Not perfect love, but real love. The kind that cries and laughs, the kind that is weary but still keeps going, the kind that is scared but still trusts. To this incredible woman that I am blessed to call my wife, I would like to say Happy Birthday.

Would you help me celebrate Abi’s birthday? If you have been blessed by Abi in any way or would just like to express something nice, would you take the time to do that today or tomorrow? I realize that many people read and never comment, and that’s ok. But, it would be a great gift of encouragement if you were to leave a comment.

Thanks, and God Bless

– Louis


I love, LOVE the holiday season – twinkle lights, decorations, Christmas trees and music, special times with family, the excitement. We began our Christmas festivities the Saturday after Thanksgiving with Christmas music and decorating the Christmas tree. This was a BIG day for Lily, so she wore her best dress


and shoes.


It was no small act holding Lily in the air for the tree topper. She’s really heavy – good thing her daddy has big muscles.


Because it is one of Louis’ fondest Christmas memories he has with his two brothers and mother, Christmas cookies has become a holiday tradition. I turned Lily loose with the sprinkles, so you can imagine the tops of our cookies.



and you can’t decorate a Christmas tree without hot chocolate…CHEERS!




Sunshine was busy taking his evening nap, but he joined us later.


We hope your holiday season is merry and bright.

Outings with Lily

Louis and Lily had their first daddy / daughter date a few weeks ago. Lily is a daddy’s girl, so it didn’t take much to fuel her excitement about the evening. Tickets to Disney on Ice and a new dress were purchased, and a plan was made upon Lily’s request to eat at a restaurant where she could eat a quesadilla. Lily marked off days on her calendar in great anticipation. When the long awaited evening finally arrived I curled her hair, painted her finger nails, dressed her in a new dress and gold shoes. She was watching out the living room window waiting for Louis to arrive home from work – hoop skirt and all. It was precious! I wish I was better with words so I could describe the sheer delight of this little girl when Louis walked through the front door with flowers. There were squeals and giggles and kisses.




Louis’ act was a hard one to follow, but Lily and I braved the holiday madness and went Christmas shopping together. She wanted to get a Christmas present for her daddy and Sunshine. We had fun together. I think I told her “no” at least hundred times over the many princess items she insisted she needed for Christmas. We wrapped up the evening at the movies. This was her first theater experience, and I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it…



and I did too.

Good, sweet times with our little girl who fills our days with funny faces, silly rhymes and jokes, laughter and joy…well, most of our days.

The Three Thanksgivings

We enjoyed Thanksgiving for a week…literally. Our first Thanksgiving was at DiDi’s and Uncle Steve’s house. These two were amazing host. Everyone helped with food preparations, but Uncle Steve and DiDi cooked a feast before the arrival of any other dishes. Two words for my favorite Thanksgiving food this year – oyster dressing! Seriously delicious! There was food, food, and more food.



On Tuesday we traveled to Smithville, Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with Louis’ side of the family. A trip to BeBe and Bubba’s house is always greatly anticipated by Lily. We enjoyed visiting with family and overeating a mixture of Arabic food along with the traditional Thanksgiving spread.

There was food preparation.



BeBe, GooGoo and Aunt Wanda


Time with family. Louis with Uncle George.


Buba and David relaxing.


Pa, GooGoo and David


David enjoyed his time with Pa.


Maria has been especially kind and thoughtful to us since David has been born. She has called, text, and there is no guessing about how much she loves our Sunshine. Louis’ father’s family is from Israel. In the picture below Maria is singing to David in Arabic, just in case you can’t tell from his huge grin – HE LOVED IT!



Maria, Arianna, and Aunt Lillian


If you know Aunt Lillian there is no question as to why we chose the name Lily for our daughter. The two Lilys…


Lily enjoyed playing with Mia. BeBe has a play room that is a kid’s dream come true.


We wrapped up Thanksgiving week at my parent’s house. We had Thanksgiving southern style with BBQ and ribs.

It was a week where the family reflected on God’s goodness to us this year. A year where we were brought closer by the unexpected events surrounded David’s birth. A year that brought us mercy and blessings. There were prayers and thanksgivings whispered that this little guy was able to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast with the family…