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Goodness and Mercy

I recently read the Hebrew word for follow is ‘radaph’ which means “to pursue, to run after, to chase.” It’s this Hebrew word that is used in the following verse: “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.” I was overwhelmed when I read this, because over the last several days my mind can think of nothing but of God’s goodness and mercy. About a week ago I had a day where I kept asking God, “Why me?” It was a day where I was struggling to trust. My faith was failing. I woke up the next morning with the same thought, “Why me?” But this time was different. I literally could not count the ways He has been good and merciful to us our journey since David had been born. I began to think back and ask “why” from a different perspective. Why were there no NICU beds available at Germantown Methodist and we were sent to LeBonheur? Why was Sarah our nurse those first two nights? Why was Dr. Ferguson on rotation? Why did God give us a nurse who had prayed for a Down Syndrome baby?  Why did the doctor’s refer to David’s recovery as a miracle or a superstar after his Hirschbreung’s surgery? Why has his heart remained stable? Why have we been blessed with an amazing family? Church family? Friends? I could go on and on with my list. When I think about God’s goodness and mercy pursuing, following, chasing me. I have to stop and ask, “Why me?”

Dr. Ferguson has rotated to a new position, so David has a new doctor – Dr. Ravi. We really like him. Doctors are like everyone else in that their opinions are different. During rounds yesterday Dr. Ravi said that there was nothing keeping us here except David’s feedings. We already knew this, but he ordered the feeding tube to be removed. He wanted to take a more natural approach to David’s eating. For 48 hours we will be feeding on his demand. We are 24 hours in, and David has done great. He has finished the majority of his bottles plus a few “snacks.” After rounds the nurse came in and told us that Dr. Ravi gathered up David’s team and told them that if he saw the feeding tube in the next 48 hours he would hurt someone. We continue to be encouraged by David’s feedings.

Louis and I are rotating shifts at the hospital. We can’t continue to be away from Lily. Lily seems to be doing well with the new schedule. Please pray for us as we try to balance what is best for both Lily and David, and please continue to pray that David will eat.


Happy 4 week birthday “Fuzzy Head”


  I am four weeks old today and check out my mo-hawk.

Today is a our 4 week anniversary at Lebonheur. We were hopeful that we would be home by this point, but God had a different plan for us. Yesterday was a particularly difficult day. I think I cried as much yesterday as I have any other day. When David’s feeding began to decrease Louis and I both knew that we wouldn’t be going home. I realize now that the timing was perfect, and isn’t God’s timing always perfect? What if we had gone home before the feedings decreased? We would have returned to Lebonheur,  Babies on our floor have never been home, and once they do go home they can’t return to the NICU due to germs and the chance of exposing other babies. If we had gone home and returned David would have a new doctor. I can not tell you how many nurses have told me that if they had a baby in the NICU they would want Dr. Ferguson. He’s the doctor that checks on David’s lab work and feedings from his home. He’s the doctor that just “happened to be” on a long rotation at Lebonheur  (instead of the Med) when David was admitted.  Yes, I want to go home, and I know there are difficult days ahead, but today I can see that God’s timing is always perfect.